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I’ve been vegan 3½ years now. All this time I have used 3 cookbooks, but it’s time to try something new, you know… I would love to by 10000000 books, but I don’t have the money AND I don’t know anyone with a visa – so I can only buy from Danish shops, and they don’t have that much to choose from.

I’m looking for cookbooks with food that takes a reasonable amount of time to make AND don’t require weird things all the time. I have read a lot about these, and I can get those here, so I would love your opinion about them.

How It All Vegan

Being Vegan

Easy Vegan Cooking

Everyday Vegan

Simple Treats

Simply Vegan

Sinfully Vegan

The Complete Vegan Cookbook

The Vegan Sourcebook

The Vegan Handbook

Also, is “The Healthy Vegan Child” anything worth?

Happy new year
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