Webtar Bazaar (webtar) wrote in vegancooking,
Webtar Bazaar

LETS DO IT! The vegan treat swap

So we (those who want to) are going to have a "cookie swap."

* What happens, if you play, is that you give me your info (stated below). I give you info on someone else who is playing, and I give your info to another. You make them cookies, brownies, fudge, breads, candies, marshmellows, or whatever that is mailable (If you know how to send cakes or lasagna go for it!) (edit) Don't forget to send the recipe so they can make it themselves next time.
* It's supposed to be secret. You'll have the person's lj name so you can see what they might like, but don't let them know who you are until you send the treats.
* I will be taking names for the game until January 3rd and will email out the person you will be sending to soon after.
* Everyone should have their treats to their person before the end of January. Be patient if you don't get yours right away.
* USPS, UPS, or any other tracking code would be helpful to have if you can get it.
So if you're still interested send this info listed below to: weblybowles (AT) gmail (DOT) com

LJ name:
Allergies, likes, dislikes:
Special instructions:

For example:
Name: Webly Bowles
Address: 5307 Happy Lane / Crazy City, OR 97888
email: weblybowles @ gmail . com
lj name: webtar
Allergies: walnuts, cats and hydrogenated oil. I hate carob but love peanut butter and chocolate together!
Special instructions: Please try to give me someone in my town so I can hand deliver it. or I am willing to send to someone outside my country is need be.

* Keep in mind I can't always do every request like make sure you get matched up with someone of a specific hair color or something, so if that's going to be a make or break deal, make sure you let me know.
* If you know someone else who would like to play, just have them email, they don't need to be part of the community.
if you'd like to send to more than one person (you'll also recieve treats from more than one person) then just let me know.

About the treats:
keep them 100% vegan. No tricking and adding eye of toad or honey or non vegan sugar.
EDIT: There is no limit to the amount of treats to send. I think two different treats is a great way to get two new recipes, but you might only be able to do one full batch.

We should also have a way of letting others know you've recieved their treats.
I am probably forgetting lots of things to keep checking back here to see if we've come understand thing better.
edit: please note the offical hat of the cookie swap: the vegan cook book; see icon.
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