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I'm going to a coworker's house for dinner/work discussion tomorrow night (we have to work out a curriculum for one kid at our "school" and discuss another for a report she has to write) and I want to bring something. I'm not vegan but I don't eat dairy, and incidentally her oldest son is VERY kosher so bringing something that has no dairy makes his life a lot easier, so I want to find an awesome, awesome recipe for something and bring it over. (Uh, the dish, not the recipe :D).

So.. what should I bring? I have no clue, really. She says it's going to be a *cringe, sorry guys* barbecue, and I think she's grilling salmon *sorry, sorry, sorry!* so I was thinking maybe some kind of side dish, but then I was thinking maybe DESSERT because she's probably got dinner covered... I really have no idea... I'm not good at going to an actual dinner EVENT at someone's house, usually my friends and I just stop by each other's places and eat whatever.

Does anyone have a recipe that they know kids who don't necessarily have a "vegan/organic appreciation" for food that isn't chock full o' sugar or diary will still love? Her kids are all 9-14 and love ethnic foods as well... I just don't want to end up doing what I usually do when I make healthy/nondairy/vegan food, which is end up with semi-tasteless food that only I am going to eat anyways.

I'll check through the memories and past entries for recipes, but if you guys have any tried-and-true, preferably hard-to-screw-up recipes, I'd love if if you pointed me in the right direction! :)

<3 Julie

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