zaftigvegan (zaftigvegan) wrote in vegancooking,

vegan fondant

i am trying to make my first ever vegan fondant for icing/decorating a cake. it has to be firm enough i can roll it out. the non-vegan recipe i have calls for three things i'm unsure about substituting for. they are:

gelatin (i have agar powder, will that work?)
glucose syrup (i was thinking a light syrup like corn or brown rice?)
and glycerine (which i am hoping is easy to find in any old store.)

so my questions are: 1) are there any recipes for vegan fondant i can reference, and 2) if not, and i just try substituting for the gelatin with agar powder, how much agar should i use if the recipe calls for 3 tsp of gelatin? and finally 3) where does a body find vegetable glycerine for purchase and use in cooking?

thanks in advance for any advice you have to give me. if this turns out i will show you a magnificent cake sometime in the next few days.

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