Na zdraví (ellettra) wrote in vegancooking,
Na zdraví

roasting garlic stovetop?

i'm about to make a roasted garlic potato soup that i saw a sketch of on a gardening/cooking show this morning. the guy said to peel an entire head of garlic and then roast it on the stovetop in a pan. of course, he had the nicest stuff and a gas stove (*drool*)... so i'm wondering how i should go about roasting garlic stovetop.

if i put it in the oven and do it that way do you think it makes a big difference?

EDIT: thank you for all your suggestions. i went ahead and roasted the garlic in the oven then squeezed the cloves out and mashed, then added to the potato, onion, herb, veggie boullion base. after a few seconds in the blender, it turned out soooo well!

actually, i think it would be MUCH better with toasted baugettes and roquefort on the side, but i'm maing do with shreddy parm and garlic toast. :) what a perfect rainy day lunch!!
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