emily rose (nobora) wrote in vegancooking,
emily rose

question about pudding???

quick! anybody!
i want to make the fruit pudding recipe in How It All Vegan. my boyfriend comes home in 1 and 1/2 hours.
the ingrediants are
lemon juice
silken tofu

WHAT WILL HAPPEN if i dont have the oil or lemon juice? will it still be pudding? what can i replace the oil with? last time i made pudding i made the stupid mistake of using a little bit of olive oil, so it tasted like our italian food and chocolate pudding mated.
i have a feeling it will just be a fruity mess. does the oil make it more... whipped? would something like earth balance work? thats the only other oil thing i have in my house right now.
and in the oven is an amazingly delicious looking notmeatloaf, which i will try to post a picture of later tonight.
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