.k.a.t.i.e. (vegankate) wrote in vegancooking,

Bryanna's Cookbooks & Amazing Dessert

Hey, I just ordered two of Bryanna's cookbooks off of Amazon- the 20 minutes to Dinner one and then the fat-free one, or something of that nature. Does anyone have these? Any recipes I should try first? I like her recipes that are posted on the web, so I thought *maybe* the books will be good- I *hope*.

As for my dessert, it is really easy.
Tear up pieces of bread (preferably a good bread)
Scoop some Tofutti vanilla ice cream on top (I like their vanilla best)
Cut up banana and sprinkle cinnamon over everything
Put in the oven (or on the grill after grilling veggies or whatever)
Cook until banana is tender
(The ice cream melts and it gets really gooey like banana bread pudding!!)
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