the scruffy one (paste) wrote in vegancooking,
the scruffy one

tofu rescue

please help!! my flatmate & i attempted our first tofu marinade last night, with disastrous results. our first mistake was trusting the advice of a vegan friend who only eats fruit & crisps [too lazy to cook]. i've just read back through the memories & now possess all manner of knowledge about the various kinds of tofu & how to press it & so on. but our tofu still needs rescuing.

basically, we had a box of silken tofu, not frozen, just straight out of the box. my flatmate said we needed to press it, so we squished it between 2 plates, which obviousy left us with a pile of mush. anyway, we went ahead & stuck it in a dish of mango & coriander marinade which is delicious, so we don't want to waste it. we were going to stirfry it, would that still work? would baking everything work? what sort of results will we get from that? or should we just dump it & chalk it up to experience?

any tips would be incredibly appreciated!
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