always her that ends up getting wet (splitseconds) wrote in vegancooking,
always her that ends up getting wet

I have always been more of a homemade cookies kind of girl, over pre-packaged ones. However, I recently got an ice cream maker and I do enjoy oreo chunks in things (cookies & cream ice cream, oreo cookie crust, etc). Wild Oats brand oreo-type cookies (and Newman's Own Brand) are really very good for this purpose. However, yesterday I went to get some more oreo cookies to make some vegan cookies and cream ice cream and saw Newman's Own oreo cookies which were HINT OF MINT flavored. I bought them reluctantly - I love chocolate mint, but I had kind of envisioned this tasting like fake, plasticty overpowering mint.

I was wrong. They are AMAZING. They taste like Girl Scouts Thin Mints. They are vegan. I employ everybody to try them.

I have made great chocolate soy ice cream and am working on the vanilla base now to put these cookies in. I'm not quite as confident in it. Anyone ele have any experience making vegan ice cream and have a good base recipe for vanilla? It may turn out okay, I'm not sure. I'm using a plain tofu, vanilla, sweetener, and soy milk combination - using Soy Creamer to add thickness. I'm considering adding a package of Mori-Nu vanilla pudding mix for flavor, but not sure if it will work or not.

Either way, try the cookies!
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