Lynn (blut_infektion) wrote in vegancooking,

Duncan Hines

Hey. I have a couple questions.
You know those Duncan Hines brownie mixes? Well, I would like to try one. Now, I normally like to do my own baking from scratch, but I just really want some brownies that are really brownie-like. First of all, does anyone know if the "Chewy Brownie" ones are vegan? I think they are, but I only had a chance to glance at the box, AND the ingredients were in Dutch, so I could have missed something. And, my other question: Will using ener-g instead of the 2 eggs it calls for still result in a chewy, brownie-like brownie? All the vegan brownies I have ever made were just off--too cakey. I don't really know if there is actually anything in the box mixes that would make a difference, so I worry it really just might be the eggs. I'd like to try this soon. Is anyone able to help? Thanks!

EDIT: Thanks, everyone, for the recipes and advice! You have definitely put me on the road to brownies! I think that, before I mess with box mixes (I don't really like the idea of using it anyway) I will try some of the recipes you gave me. Thanks again!
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