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Alfredo, no-fredo

Tonight or tomorrow night, I want to make pasta with a faux alfredo sauce - I'm planning on using garlic, margarine, flour, and soymilk to accomplish this. I'm also thinking of adding parsley (green is my favorite color, so a green alfredo sauce would be exciting), maybe pine nuts, maybe lemon juice, and white pepper. I can't get silken tofu or nutritional yeast in my hometown, so those things are out. I want to crust a slab of tofu with cornflakes or other breading and fry it, then put it on top of the pasta with some of the sauce. Sounds good in theory, but I have no idea how it will taste... so, I have questions:

Can you suggest amounts of everything I should use?
Should I use unsweetened or regular soymilk?
Is this even going to taste good?
How do I get the breading to stick to the tofu? Dip in soymilk first?

Thank you!!
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