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I've been a vegetarian for just over a year and my long-time vegan mother has recently (a few months ago) convinced me to eliminate dairy products and eggs from my diet. (The thought of eating unborn chicken membrane grosses me out anyway, so that hasn't been difficult.)
Since she has been vegan my entire life I grew up drinking soy and rice milk, and eating "fake-meats." But my dad bbq's just about every night, so there is diversity in our house. Heh.

That being said, I'm all about living a healthy life.

After looking through recipes in this community I noticed that a lot of them contain margarine. I grew up hearing my mother say she'd rather have us eat butter and die of heart failure than eat margarine and get cancer so I 1)can't stand the stuff and 2)am pretty freaked out by it and hydrogenated/trans-fats in general.

What do you think? Margarine is vegan, but is it healthy?
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