kejlina (kejlina) wrote in vegancooking,

apples apples apples

For reasons unknown, my dad purchased a whole bushel of apples.
(I didn't even know you could buy fruit by the bushel in the midst of winter, but yes it's true!)

Anyhow, I've already made a pie and now I'm out of ideas.
I don't think my family can eat all of these raw before they go bad (Raw apples don't like me anyhow).

So, other than eating lots and lots and lots of pie, what could I do with these?

I'm thinking of maybe making applesauce! Anyone know any good simple tried-tested-true recipes?
(I have both a blender and food processor, if either of those are needed!)

Any ideas, tips, recipes etc greatly appreciated!

editing to say: WOW. that was a lot of exclamation points. Pardon those, I'm sleep deprived.
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