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Spring Vegetable Risotto and Mapo Tofu Attempt #2

This is the Spring Vegetable Risotto from The Mediterranean Vegan Kitchen. It was really tasty, the first risotto I've made myself, and it's my boyfriend's new favorite meal.

A larger picture of the risotto. Carrots, asparagus, and green beans were blanced in vegetable stock first. Then they were removed, set aside, and the stock was left simmering. In a pan, the white parts of spring onions  (scallions) were sauteed in olive oil until soft, and then the arborio rice was added and toasted. Then started the laborious process of adding small amounts of vegetable stock and stirring constantly until it was almost completely absorbed, and repeating the process until the rice was creamy and cooked through. It was quite a workout, but the result was worth it. After the rice was cooked, the vegetables were added, along with thawed green peas and some of the chopped green tops of the scallions. The cookbook that this recipe came from seems very good - the instructions are detailed, and if followed, resulted in perfectly cooked vegetables and a lovely risotto. Yum!

This is my second attempt at mapo tofu - it turned out much better than the first, now that I have acquired some hot chili garlic sauce. Still not very authentic, but tasty.

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