Sun Fish Moon Fish (calypso72) wrote in vegancooking,
Sun Fish Moon Fish

Update on Japanese recipes

Just wanted to mention that I tried three of the recipes I originally posted here.

The sesame-soy custard did NOT work. It just never got as smooth as the photo shows and although it solidified, it was more like a thick pudding than anything you could cut into nice, neat squares as shown. The flavor was ok, though.

The walnut-miso green beans were DELICIOUS and so easy to make. It looked kind of gross, but the flavor made up for its homeliness completely.

Finally, the burdock-mushroom sushi rice was sublime. I used short-grain brown rice which kind of swamped out the flavor of the kombu and vinegar used to cook it. I also took a shortcut and bought pre-julienned carrots and daikon radish mix at my local Asian grocery, so I don't know if it would be any different with burdock root. Anyway, it was deeeee-licious and an excellent combo with the green beans.

I did not try the soup.
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