Ichiban Chan (domichan) wrote in vegancooking,
Ichiban Chan

Bulk Cooking PSA

This is spawned from a thread in hip_domestics.

For those interested in cooking and freezing in quantity, www.30daygourmet.com has a vegetarian/vegan book for sale/download.

From the site:

"Vegetarian Freezer Cooking (Downloadable eBook for only $6.95)

Bulk cooking is gaining in popularity. But there is little information available for vegetarians who want to be able to prepare meals ahead and freeze them. This book answers that need. It includes information about what foods vegetarians do and don't eat, and 25 recipes, complete with nutritional information. Over half the recipes are vegan (no animal products whatsoever), and many of the remaining ones can easily be converted to vegan with instructions included with the recipe. This is your complete guide to getting started with vegetarian freezer cooking right on your home computer."

You can find the page here.
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