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Choc. and PB...

So, I hiked (took a bus) over to buy an RF adapter for my NES and didn't realize how cold it was, so I stopped in at the nearest $1 store to buy a long-sleeve shirt and lo! and behold! on the candy aisle I not only found vegan chocolate chips, but also peanut butter bits. I just love checking out all the really cheap food at such places, the companies that manufacture these products have it down, none of those unnecessary animal products that most all the usual junk-food companies have to throw in...somewhere...

So, here's the come down:

I am a college student with no stove-top or oven access and I don't really want to just eat these as candy for the next few years. Any microwave-friendly suggestions or recipes out there for my chocolate chips and/or peanut butter bits?
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