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i desperately need to impress my family with american style goods. must redeem kitchen godliness.

okay, so after reading a lot of Andrew Weil i have been cooking with entirely whole wheat flour. well, i was actually convinced through findings unrelated to the vegan diet but by his views of dairy that i felt went along with my own to go Vegan. so i try to keep things microbiotic when i can by using brown rice and whole wheat when any variety is called for.
so, i have not tried baking anything vegan without whole-wheat flour because i'm so freaked out by bleached flour. my mom got me some plain un-bleached flour and now that i have it i'm wondering how drastic the difference will be?
before my cookies were very bran-muffin-ie (not that i mind at all, i'm a big fan of the texture) but other people dont like to eat my baking and stuff because they aren't used to that type of flour.. so, my big question is - will i have better luck getting people to eat my cookies with the un-bleached flour? does un-bleached give it a more 'regular' taste? I really want people to get a better idea of vegan cooking as a whole and not the vegan-microbiotic take on it before they dismiss my beautiful cookies! >_< yeah this is all about my cookie esteem. i need help with this un-bleached flour thing. how do i make my vegan desserts more 'american' friendly?
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