the boy who loiters on bridges (seanshatto) wrote in vegancooking,
the boy who loiters on bridges


So I was browsing ways to augment tomato soup & just made up my own.

It's really weird-tasting, but after eating it & thinking about it, I decided that it's good weird.

So, make some condensed tomato soup the way you normall do, but add a healthy portion of TVP blended with these wacky ingredients:

A smattering of dillweed
a lot of dried basil
a sprinkling of nutmeg
and a moderate dose of curry.

... Then cook it in with the soup for as long as you feel like, until it's likely that the flavor has cooked through (i did it in about 5 minutes, but i was in a hurry). Then add black pepper (preferably fresh-ground, but otherwise will probably work. put in more if it's not fresh-ground) when you serve.

Deliciously weird! Weirdly delicious. It's the dillweed that makes it weird. And slightly-curried canned soup. Yum.
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