x (quatre_vingts) wrote in vegancooking,

I have a question that's probably OT, but I figure you all know more about vegan nutritional breakdown than most people would. I'll place it behind a cut.

I've signed up to donate blood next Wednesday, February 2. As this is my first time donating blood since going vegan, I want to make sure all the, er, thingie-counts in my blood that should be up are up. Is it iron content they're testing for when they do the finger-prick or something else? What would be some good things to try including more of in my diet in the next week, and what, especially, should I eat the day of donation? I realize I could have OJ and sugary stuff, but I did get rather lightheaded and queasy last time (was squeezing the squishie thing too fast) and if that happens again I don't want to risk remembering there's a ton of sugar sitting in my stomach...blech. So. Anything you can recommend to be well-prepared for this is most appreciated. Thanks!
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