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start a farm

this isn't a recipe, so i hope you guys dont get mad, but i was just wondering how you guys feel about the growing of your produce
i have been living on different organic farms for over a year now, i am mostly vegan, but when you are doing work exchange situations, some times you have to eat what is afforded to you in each situation. i heartily believe in vegan, and lately it has been much easier because i have found a very ideal farm to call home, and we are going to do a vegan organic plot this season to see how we can grow stuff without the use of animal bi products. (solely compost and kelp meal will be our amendments to the soil) i am VERY excited for this, and i just wanted to see what you all felt about the fact that when you purchase produce at stores, it is highly likely that it was grown with the use of bone meal or blood meal, probably from a large corporate animal production type of place, because these are the kinds of places that distribute bone/blood meal, and manure and chicken poo. this is especially true if you do not buy organic produce. any related thoughts will be much appreciated and mulled over thoughtfully

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