x (quatre_vingts) wrote in vegancooking,

Aha, I checked the memories and I don't think this is one we've done yet: fortune cookies.

My mom and I tried to make them ages ago, with a recipe that required making batter and pouring out small circles onto a skillet, letting them cook, and then quickly folding them into the proper shape to cool. However, while they were good, they didn't get crunchy, and she doesn't have the recipe anymore. I searched around a bit, but almost everything I found contains egg whites. I know these are easily replaced, but it seems unnecessary to use any sort of binder, considering the ones that came with my Chinese takeout today only list flour, sugar, water, shortening, and flavorings as ingredients. I'd prefer recipes you've tested yourself and feedback on how they worked. Any interesting variations on flavors (who wouldn't go for chocolate fortune cookies? ^_^) are appreciated as well.
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