Rogue Vigilante Spellchecker (superexcellent) wrote in vegancooking,
Rogue Vigilante Spellchecker

Making greens taste good

I find greens (like collard greens, mustard greens, and even spinach) to be very bitter. The only way I've had them and LIKED them is in Ethiopian cooking and once at a restaurant called Soul Vegetarian East in Chicago. I've had some in soup once, too, and it was really good, but the greens were not the primary ingredient.

I would love some recipes for greens where the bitter flavor of the greens goes unnoticed.

Does anyone have anything? I really want more of that in my diet, but just don't have any recipes that sound good enough to try. If you think spinach salad is bitter and too earthy tasting, but have a recipe that makes dark leafy greens taste nice, please let me know!!

Many thanks! :)

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