M (ethelfleda) wrote in vegancooking,

Lovely bread

This is a recipie based on one in the back of Plant Based Nutrition and Health, a generally very useful book.

50g linseed, powdered using a food processor
200g spelt flour
200g malted brown flour
teaspoon of sugar
packet easy blend yeast (or whichever type you prefer)
300ml hand-hot water

Mix, knead. Rub the dough all over with olive oil, and leave to rise. Cook. Eat.

The recipie advocates putting a tablespoon of vinegar in with the hand-hot water, to assist rising and to release some more of the nutrients in the bread. I've tried it both with and without, and can't say I've seen any difference with either the rising or the flavour, so I'd put it in for any possible nutritional benefit.

Am currently eating rolls made from this mixture, filled with Tartex yeast pate. Mnn, breakfast.
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