natalyafalk (natalyafalk) wrote in vegancooking,

First attempt at extra-firm tofu tonight: tofu slices dipped in soymilk then dipped in a mix of bread crumbs, brown sugar and spices to make fried tofu sandwiches (with some bbq sauce, mm). But I was left with a lot of extra bread crumb mix. Obviously I can't just put it back in the container since in the process of breading it got soymilk all over it.. Without cooking anything new is there any way of saving/salvaging them? I just feel like they shouldn't go to waste. Or maybe I should go about it differently next time? I checked the faq but couldn't find any tips.

Also, my only previous tofu experiences have been using soft tofu for baking cakes or in lasagna. My x-firm tofu tonight smelled a lot like raw pumpkin and while eating my sandwich I noticed this again and it bothered me. Maybe I just never noticed it before but does tofu normally smell like this? I hardly doubt it was bad, I'm just curious if it's always like that.
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