x (quatre_vingts) wrote in vegancooking,

I have a package of phyllo sitting in my freezer at home and I'd like to use it before it's "expired". I've had it since mid-December, and it probably hadn't been in the grocer's case very long, so how much time do you think I'd have left?

I'd like to make mini pumpkin pies (and no, I don't care what month it is ^_~) for my friends. It appears that phyllo, "buttered" with cooking spray, makes for an excellent and healthier pumpkin pie crust; and according to this page, mini tart shells can be made in cupcake tins. Do you think I could line them with cupcake papers, or should I just stick them in the papers when they're finished for serving?

The filling I have in mind is from this recipe, which is the best frickin' pumpkin pie ever and pretty much the only thing I can bake without totally botching. However, I did need to leave it in the oven for an awfully long time, and I'm afraid the phyllo will burn--somehow the last crust (standard flour-shortening pastry) didn't. I guess I should follow the note and add the egg replacer to speed up cooking time? Also, should I alter the cooking time in any way based on the fact that I'm making a bunch of mini pies as opposed to one big one, or should I just eyeball it? Any other advice you can give on phyllo is quite appreciated.
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