Roxanne (estrella_trash) wrote in vegancooking,

you guys are going to love this...

my family has potluck style gatherings 2-3 times a year and i've envied my mother for so long because she never let me cook for them, not because i'm a vegan but because she's territorial and strange. My Aunt has just found out that her daughter, my cousin is lactose intolerant. They have been vegetarian for as long as i've known them, but now they are going semi-vegan because it's a health issue and my cousin just wants to give up eggs and milk but not yet cheese. anyway long story short my grandmother got wind of all of this and is hip to how healthy the vegan lifestyle is. I can't get this through my head, it's amazing, i've been honored. The matriarch of the family has especially asked my mother to ask little ol' me to prepare some vegan desserts for the party coming up in 2 weeks!!! ^____________^
here's my question. and this is a fun one. can you please give me some recipes that will make the palates of vegans and non-vegans extremely fat and happy? I'm also thinking of buying the book 'sinfully vegan,' have you guys had good experience with the recipes in it?

i am so excited, you have no idea!! Eeeeeee!!
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