Death to Vegetables (nefarioustofu) wrote in vegancooking,
Death to Vegetables

A call for okara recipes!

So, I belong to this food co-op and we make our own soy milk weekly, resulting in an excess of okara*. I was commissioned by the group to find a use for said okara. In flipping through cookbooks, I've found that the practice of making ones own soymilk must have gone out of style as of late, as the only cookbooks that contain okara recipes are ones published circa 1970. I looked through the community archives and found a scant selection of tried and true recipes. So, I know there are soy milk makers in this crowd, there've got to be! So come out of the wood work and give me yummy, simple, and inexpensive recipe ideas! As always, the ones you've tried and liked are the ones I want.

Note: For some reason, the okara we produce in the co-op tends to be pretty wet and watery compared to other okara that I've seen. You might want to keep that in mind when recommending recipes to me.

Thanks in advance for your help!

*okara is the soy pulp left over from the soy milk making process.
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