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white cake with panuche frosting recipe and picture.

Fluffy white cake, Prailine Panuche frosting with the tiniest bit of chocolate, chocolate sprinkles and chocolate sauciness.

**I used the following basic white cake recipe, which could be considered the teeniest bit too sweet for the recipe, but I had quite a sweet tooth:
*This is the frosting recipe, which I was extremely pleased with:
** I also added half a small square of baking chocolate early on. The chocolate sauce is just the other half of that square, some chocolate chips, soy milk and a bit of powdered all hot and gooey and ready to go. And believe it or not, I'm not a big chocolate fan, it just happens to be a way I can handle decorating a cake haha
***the frosting idea was inspired by kittee's cake here, after some fishing through the index:
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