xGET CRUNKx (xletsgetcrunkx) wrote in vegancooking,

recipe idea...need input

here's a recipe idea i have but i'm wondering if it would be good or if i should change/improve it in some way

1 can yellow corn
1 can black beans
corn husk wraps
(vegan ranch - unsure if i should include this?)
enchilada sauce
1 pkg mori-nu tofu
2 tomatoes
shredded lettuce
2 avacodoes

preheat oven to 350*F
boil corn husk wraps for a few minutes until slightly tender.

during this time: scoop out insides of avacodoes and mash slightly. dice tomatoes, slightly blend tofu so it has the consistency of ricotta cheese. combine avacado, tomato & tofu with black beans & corn after draining them. divide into portions small enough to fit into corn husk wraps. stuff mixture into wraps along with shredded lettuce and pouring enchilada sauce over mixture. drizzle enchilada sauce and ranch over tops of shells. place on cookie sheet and bake the wraps 10-15min in the oven.

do you think this would be good? anything i should take away or add? though it would be a natural additive, i don't want to add onions because most of the people in our house don't like them. i'm questioning the ranch...any other ideas?
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