killustrious (killustrious) wrote in vegancooking,

question about vitamins & supplements

sorry if i shouldn't post this here since its not exactly about cooking vegan food but it is a question for vegans. You can delete this if need be.

I am just curious if you ppl take vitamins & or supplements to get ur daily nutrients & what not. If so what do you take? I try to be a relatively healthy eater & try to watch my fruits, veggies & protien intake but I currently take a multivitamin everyday and was wondering if i should take something else instead. I hear flaxseed oil is good for you.

I was in the drugstore today and was looking through their vitamins & picked up a bottle of flaxseed oil and on the label it said to use it in cooking such as salads. Do you guys use this & does it actually taste ok?
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