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Weird train of thought just now, and an even more strange set of events

Check this out:

I was sitting on my bed leaning against the wall while gnawing on a great Italian vinaigrette/guacamole salad when I started bunching some baby spinach into a pile with my fork (This gets more interesting than boring -bear with me a sec). Anyways, after I mashed it down a little, I cut into the pile as one would a piece of pie or something. The appearance of this all reminded me of something I was trying to recall in a conversation with someone on Friday -quiche.

For some reason, I could not think of that word earlier. The conversation was about what / how we would teach certain people to cook something easy yet keep it vegan. So, after I was done staring at my salad I turned to Google.

I turned to Google Suggest not for a quiche recipe, but for vegan marshmallows. Yes, my brain works in wondrous ways.

Now, I launch a new window of Firefox and wait...and wait...and realize the domain name is never going to resolve. So, as much of a geek as I am, I don't know the IP addy for Google off the top of my head. So off I go to find out the status of my connection Run>cmd>ping

Reply from bytes=32 time=98ms TTL=244

So I get sidetracked and wonder what the IP addresses are for & (turned up & respectively) and this leads me to (after plugging in to make sure I can connect -sure enough it does) wondering what other addresses Google has purchased to point to its search engine. I typed in just to see if they purchased this and it turns out they haven't. Also, it isn't a porn site! They even go as far as putting links to both and on their homepage. But, the interesting part is that I find a page with a really high-tech and "powerful" search engine -a dude that reads the posts and occasionally gets back to you. *LOL*

I decide, since I don't want to wait on someone to answer my question, to browse what other people have asked by hitting the "Random" button I found on the bottom of the homepage. I'm amazed (on many levels) that this is the first page I see:

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