vgnwtch (vgnwtch) wrote in vegancooking,

Vegetarian Soul Food

If you haven't already seen it, check out the Vegetarian Soul Food website. It aims to help people transition to vegetarian (preferably vegan) lifestyles, and I'm finding it very informative, packed with recipes, health information for African-Americans (and health information that relates to other ethnic groups), good tips on how to "eat with the regulars", raising veggie kids, and all manner of other wondrous stuff. There's also a directory of veg*n African-American owned businesses, chat forum, book recommendations, a vegetarian soul food pyramid poster, information on nutrition, how to build up your veggie pantry, and they're selling their "directory" of recipes and tips for a $10 donation. It's one of the better veg*n lifestyle websites I've seen, and it's done with a very warm, friendly attitude. I'm very impressed.

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