Beatrix Kidd0 (web_kitten) wrote in vegancooking,
Beatrix Kidd0


EDIT: These have good homes now. thanks for the interest!!!

My mom gave me a stack of tofu coupons. If anyone wants a couple of leftovers (for free) email me at venus6x AT yahoo dot com

You get a Mori-Nu Tofu pamphlet which include:
*Coupon for 35cents off 2 packages of Mori-Nu (no experation date- these can be doubled!)
*Info about Mori-Nu products and nutritional info
*Recipes for: "Sour Cream" dip/topping, Key Lime Pie, Chinese Un-chicken Salad, Chocolate Dream Dessert, Strawberry Banana Smoothie, and Fiesta Scrambler
*Cooking Quick Tips

I have 2 of these, if you want both to share with someone, just let me know! If you'd like to trade off some (cheap/free) stuff for it, thats fine too =p
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