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Vegan Travel

I get the feeling this has been asked before, but I cant access the memories for some reason >_<;;

Anyway, Does anyone have any tips for vegan food to take while travelling in places that don't offer vegan food?

I'm going with my class on a trip to europe for spring break, and while I have found plenty of vegan friendly restaurants there through the web, I talked to my teacher and she said that we can only eat at designated 'cheap' restaurants and that most of them don't have a vegetarian alternative (which seems odd to me since this is a school trip.)

I've been trying to think of easy things that I can pack as meals that will last me for the week that I will be away, and as enticing as trail mix and nuts sounds--I don't think I could live off of that for very long. Does anyone have any ideas for things that I can pack and eat throughout the trip? Preferably something that won't spoil, and doesn't have to be prepared much? (We'll be on the go all day, so I wont have the time or place to prepare food) Also, it would have to be somewhat compact, as I don't have alot of room in my bags as it is.

Thanx you guys!

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