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I was wondering if anyone has used this recipe for No-bake fudge cookies from VegWeb.com (minus the coconut, + 1 extra cup of oatmeal) and what type of vegan margarine you used. Last night I used Williow Run in it and they tasted horrible. I know it was the margarine because the night before I used it in in my own No-bake fudge cookie recipe and it was the same taste that I got from those (a horrid after taste). The rest of the ingredients were the same as I always use as far as the oatmeal, vanilla, sugar, and cocoa go... so the margarine has to be what's giving it an off flavor. When I tasted the margarine plain it tasted okay to me, but once melted in the cookies it's just... ewww.

I don't know what else to use, though. I would like to replace it all together if possible and I don't want to use Earth Balance because it's not easily accessable (ie I'd have to drive over an hour to get it). What else could be used? What margarine is preffered for baking (or in this case no-baking) cookies and such?

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