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Vegan Travel Update

After my question a few days ago on vegan travel, I found alot of helpful information from all over the place that I believe would be helpful to many others in the future, so I compiled a list of all the information I got from people and organized it into different sections. If you have anything to add, please let me know so I can add to it and edit it so that the list can remain helpful to everyone. Alot of the information is somewhat directly quoted, but to keep it simple I didnt site who it was that said a certain thing so I am sorry if I offend anyone by not giving them proper credit.

Vegan Travel Food Ideas:

Food to Pack (requires no preparation)
• Luna Bars – full of good fat, fiber and protein and vitamins as well. Not so healthy to live on, but perfect with salad for something more substantial.
• Clif Bars – same as above
• Trail Mix – perfect snack, good source of protein,
• Nuts – good as trail mix or by themselves; almonds, cashews, pecans, walnuts (great for omega-3’s btw) soy nuts, pine nuts, etc. etc.
• Fruit Leather- Available at most health stores, good non-perishable fruit snacks.
• Peanut butter in a tube – Good addition to fruits or vegetables
• Odwalla bars – same as Luna and Clif Bars
• Dry cereal (just add soy milk, or eat plain)
Food to Pack (requires water/heat –can be made in hotel room)
• Cous cous and TVP are both things that can be reconstituted with just water--ideally hot, but if you've got more time it doesn't have to be. Take some seasonings (salt, a tube of tomato paste or tomato powder, garlic powder, Italian seasoning, chili powder...whatever you like), and in a pinch you can mix up some of that to follow the salad you got with dinner.
• Canned foods like beans, or canned vegetables (make sure to bring a can-opener!)
• Trader Joe’s sell these really great noodle bowls that are vegan. They’re like Asian soy noodle and come as soups or just noodles. All you have to do is add boiling water and let it sit for five minutes. Unlike energy bars, these are pretty low calorie and still have about 7 grams of protein. As long as you have access to boil water these would be great!
• Don’t bring soup bowls with you to the restaurant, because, yes that is rude. But maybe if you wind up just being able to get a salad at some places and your still hungry you can prepare them for yourself in your hotel room. That way they’re a back up if your options are very limited at certain places. Maybe just bring 2 or 3, since like other have said, there are some definite vegan options.
• If you have an electric kettle in your room, you can use that to good effect.
• Nile brand soup mixes
• Fantastic big soup noodle bowls
• REI sells a lot of packaged vegan dinners that are all dehydrated and whatnot
Food to Pick Up While Traveling:
• Fruit & Veggie stands (fresh markets) – located everywhere throughout Europe.
• Baguettes and other breads – usually made without dairy or eggs; generally safe
Good Vegan Places/Cities
• Rome is great for Vegans, lot of the cheap restaurants willing to make you plain pasta w/ vegetables on top (primavera). They also generally bring you salad (but beware of anchovies). Say "Non posso mangiare formaggio" which means I can't eat cheese...and they bring out the veggies. The best thing though is there are several outdoor fruit and vegetable stands...and there they wash them to perfection for you so you can just pick up and eat. One more thing...if you are traveling on buses, the gas stations (surprisingly) have all kinds of options nothing like US gas stations.
• Recommended: in Rome, a trip to Piazza Campo dei' Fiori - it's an awesome little square just away from the PIazza Navonna, with an incredible pizza place
• It's actually pretty easy to find food to eat in Europe, even as a vegan, especially in Italy
• There's a few amazing vegan/macrobiotic restaurants in Paris, which aren't even that expensive
• lots of vegan places in London, and most of the stores will label things that are vegan, so you know.
Bad Vegan Places/Cities
• In France you may have a little more trouble with eating vegan. The problem with France is that they are very meat and cheese orientated
Multiple side orders of potatoes and seasonal veg?
Restaurant Help (ordering in foreign languages, what to order, etc.)
• How to say you are vegan in various langages:
• To be on the safe side, stick with salads
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