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I've been thinking about posting for a couple days, and now thanks to this post about eating while travelling, I finally am. I'm studying in the south of France (Aix-en-Provence) for a semester, and I'm having trouble eating. Eating out isn't so bad, because things can be made vegan or vegetarian, especially pasta, but it's too expensive to make it an every day habit.
In my apartment I have two burners and a fridge that is the size of a normal college dorm fridge. There is no oven, but there is a microwave. I'm having trouble finding recipes that are nutritious and will make only one or two servings, because I can't keep much in in the tiny fridge that I share with my room mate.
There are amazing fresh fruit and vegetable markets every day of the week, and I can get beans easily from the supermarkets (which seem to be full of cookies, cheese, and meat). I am a lacto-ovo vegetarian, but the cheese here is revolting to me, so I would rather cook vegan meals. I've only found tofu in one Asian shop, but it was 3 Euros, which is a bit expensive for every day.
Please help me out! I'm sick of bread, pasta, and salad.
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