lies of the human heart (j_styles) wrote in vegancooking,
lies of the human heart

i'm making valentine cookies this weekend (as im sure so many of us are). i haven't made cookies since i became conscious of refined white sugar.
my other issue is that one person i know who will be eating them avoids sugar as much as possible. so i'm way of using sucanat because it may be too sugar like.

i've heard a lot about agave nectar and maple syrup but im not sure how much i would use in relation to how much sugar the recipe calls for.

also, a lot of people have mentioned through the memories that fruit works well as a sugar replacement but im already going to use bananas as an egg replacer so i'm not sure if that would be going overboard??

and one more question while i'm at it ;p
the recipe calls for both margarine AND shortening. is there any way i could cut one of these out. it seems to me that using both would make the cookies very high fat/unhealthy. just doesn't sound appealing.

thx so much in advance for the help.
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