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start a farm

soup + cookies

this is like a minestrone i guess. we just took leftover pasta sauce and the leftover noodles as well, put in some water, maybe four or five cups, two large carrots, one large yukon gold potato cubed, swiss chard, a whole head of garlic chopped fine (addicted to garlic, yes) onion greens, curry powder, basil, rosemary, salt, crushed fennel seeds, a few handfuls of soy strips. they tasted sort of dog foody, but they were chewy and took on the soups flavor so they were good and the soup was delicious

you love cookiiiies
2 cups of whole wheat flour
2 cups of unbleached white flour
a cup and a half of oats
1 cup vegan organic brown sugar
a few scoops of soy yogurt
two teaspoons of baking powder
a mushed banana
some raisins
a cube of bakers chocolate melted with a large spoonfull of fresh smooshed peanut butter
two little scoops of cocoa powder
maybe a third of a cup of oil? maybe a little less
baked at 350 for about fifteen minutes, until chewy
you can see how very exact we are. ha. these turned out to be quite tasty, but they are getting hard fast, probably because there is no buttery substance, just a little oil to get it all moist. but that's ok, we shared some with the farmer and his wife (i love saying that) and we'll just have to finish them quickly!
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