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A question for any Australian vegans:

Where do you purchase nutritional yeast? Is it available in supermarkets like Coles or Woolies? Everytime I ask no one seems to know what the heck I'm on about >_<

** EDIT **

AH HAH! Apparently it goes under a different name here in Australia! COurtsey of http://www.vnv.org.au:

Nutritional yeast is also known as 'Torula Yeast'. You can find it in the health food section in Coles and in any health food store. If Coles here in Perth sells it I'm sure you can get it in Melbourne!

I buy Lotus Savoury Yeast Flakes. According to the company this is the same product as the nutritional yeast referred to in the US. The product is imported from the US and packaged under the Australian brand Lotus. It is available in a range of health food shops.

W00t! Cheese-ahoy!
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