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sandwich and potato salad

This was my dinner last night. I guess I was in a picnicking kind of mood.

It's a whole lot of red potato salad and a tofurky sandwich. Actually, I'm having the leftover salad and another sandwich right now. :)

The potato salad was pretty easy to make, I just improvised. The weird thing is, I never liked potato salad until I had one like this at a local vegetarian restaurant. Anyhow, I chopped up some red potatoes and boiled them in salted water until they were tender, but not mushy. I drained them and didn't feel like waiting for them to cool down, so I added some sweet pickle relish (and a splash of juice), yellow mustard, a big glob of vegenaise, a dash of soy sauce, some dill, black pepper, and salt. Then I mixed everything together and ate it! I've discovered today that I actually don't like it cold, so I reheated it in the microwave and I think it tastes better today, now that the flavors have combined more (like lasagna, it's always better the day after you make it). I really think the potato salad would benefit from some curry powder. The sandwich is just whole wheat bread, tofurky slices, vegenaise, and mustard. yum!

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