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Chickpea salad sandwich recipe, and a thank-you

First order of business!

Thank you to everyone who responded to my last post. I've decided to try making burritos with rice, guacamole, refried beans, salsa and chopped veggies. I hope it turns out good :) I'll let ya'll know. (Man, i wish I had a camera so I could photograph my food for you guys....)

If anyone's interested though, I'll write a post tomorrow with how the burritos turned out, as well as with any relevent recipes I ended up using for them (I've never made guacamole or refried beans before, so this oughtta be interesting).

Anyhoo, I'm not sure I'll make them tonight, and this is because I am still stuffed from lunch...I had...

Chickpea Salad Sandwiches!

I drained and rinsed one can of chickpeas, then mashed it slightly (so that it was still lumpy). Then I added:
Pickle relish
Chopped celery
Chopped green onion
Salt & pepper

mixed it all up good, tasted it, adjusted it a little (mine needed more mustard & relish after the first tasting. then it was perfect.) and served it on toast.

It was great.

Now, mind you, I haven't had a chicken salad sandwich or a tuna salad sandwich or anything like that in like two years....But man....This certainly tasted pretty close to what i remember. My mom even ate a sandwich with this stuff on it! And liked it!

Anyhow I'm looking forward to experimenting with this recipe a little. I think grated carrot and some sunflower seeds would be a delicious addition.

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