Nyphur (nyphur) wrote in vegancooking,

Onion Badji?

I'm looking for a recipe for Onion Badjis. I'm not sure of the spelling but they're these spicy onion burger type things. From the consistency, it seems they're mostly flour, onion and spices, but I can't find a recipe online (probably because I am misspelling it :P). I remember having these all the time when we used to roder Indian food back when I was a meat eater and since going vegetarian, my dad who I used to eat curry with (It's a weird male bonding thing :P) is getting a little disappointed that we can't still do that. The last time, he went to order and realised I coudln't have any, then got some for him and my other brother.

It would be nice to be included when we feel like a curry and while I can get a vegan curry recipe online and cook it up, onion badjis are required to make the curry complete :D. Anyone have a recipe for them or have ever tried making them? It's not a big deal if I can't get them, but it would be cool. Anything else that would go well with an indian style curry that I might have forgotten would be appreciated, too.

EDIT: Thanks for all your help, guys :D. I should be fine for onion bhajis (see, I got the spelling right this time :P) and I'll have a crack at making pappadams. Now all that remains is to find a good indian-style (and damn hot) vegan curry and to get the ingredients tomorrow in town and have a go at it. Anyone have a good tried and tested recipe I could use?
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