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So last night I made burritos. This was actually my first time making them, and maybe the third time in my life I've eaten them. I was pleasantly suprised by how well they turned out!

(the other two times i had burritos were less than stellar. One was a bean burrito from a restaurant, and it had nothing on it but beans and far too much sauce. The other one I got in the cafeteria from school, and it was just rice, tofu, and beans...And they had recycled the tofu from the pineappled tofu from lunch the day before. It was sooo so wrong)


For my filling, I used this recipe, which is brown rice with corn and black beans, only I didn't have black beans, so I substituted with pinto beans. Oh, and I added chopped red bell pepper to this too.

I served the burritos with salsa, shredded lettuce, and this guacamole recipe.

I think they turned out really well :) I had some friends over for dinner, and they liked them too.

Thanks everyone for your help!
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