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start a farm

so last night we made maybe the most drooly food i have eaten in a long while. we bought a nice new deep wok-like pan at salvation army, so we had to try it out. the results were MORE than adequate:

first we sauteed tons of garlic, and onions, as per usual. then added a quarter of a huge dutch cabbage, a bunch of chopped broccoli, one red pepper, dried basil, curry, a little salt, a LITTLE cayenne (too much kills me, but garlic NEVER does.. i dont know)

seperately we mixed about a half cup of fresh smooshed peanut butter, a little oil, a generous spill of soy sauce, more garlic, fresh chopped horseradish root and a little more curry

once the stir fry stuff was cooked to our liking, we turned off the heat and added the peanut sauce concoction, put it over brown rice, and OH MY GOODNESS. it was seriously so amazingly yummy

TODAY i made a huge batch of hummus. in this, probably four or five cups of garbanzo beans, cooked for a loooong time, then hand smashed since we do not have a blender. then we added chopped garlic, dried basil, dried parsley, a lot of cumin, a little curry, fresh squeezed lemon juice, olive oil, and chopped horseradish root and some soy yogurt

i just finished making some pretty healthy cookies that came out better than i thought they would. we had leftover frozen plums from jam making the other day, so i used about a cup and a half or so of plum mush, a big spoonful of gooseberry jam, about two cups of oats, a squashed banana, a heaping cup of wheat flour, a generous spoonful of peanut butter, about a quarter cup of brown sugar, a dash of salt, and a little baking soda which may or may not be mixed with a little wheat gluten.. baked at 375 for ten to fifteen minutes. they came out nice and fluffy and not too sweet. more like a little granola bar cookie type of thing

RAINY DAYS ARE GOOD. food makes me happy. i would have taken photos of all of this goodness but the camera is in the car and it is POURINGGGG bye <3
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