Breakfast Macro Bowl: Tofu, Tempeh, Kale, Fruit, Hash

It's been a while but I am back! And with more breakfast this time. Perhaps, though, a tad healthier than my plethora of pancake posts. Today, I have a tasty breakfast macro bowl recipe for everyone. Simple, tasty, and fulfilling... Enjoy!

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Nut cream the easy way!

Super-easy No-soak Nut Cream

1 pound nut meal/flour (almond and cashew work well, others undoubtedly do too)

Put 3 cups of water in blender. Add nut meal. Stir, then blend briefly just to amalgamate. Add enough water to reach the 6 cup mark on the side of the blender. Blend for 5 minutes. Use immediately or freeze. (I freeze one cup at a time in pint-size Ziploc bags or pint jars.) Straining is optional, and a regular blender works just fine--no need for a Blendtec or Vitamix.

If you want to make smaller quantities, 2 cups meal to 1.5 cups water will get you about 2.5 cups of a nice heavy cream. Add more water if you want to thin it out.

I'm never organized enough to soak nuts for hours before blending them into cream; pre-ground nut meal solves this problem nicely. It can cost a bit more than raw nut pieces ($11/lb vs $9/lb at, but the convenience is frequently worth it. has really good prices on certified GF nut flours. Shipping for five or ten pounds isn't much more than shipping for one pound, so order in bulk!

Freeze all the things!

We got our new upright freezer delivered today! It is huge (nearly as big as our fridge) and glorious. Our plan is to cook and freeze All The Things. What are your favorite gluten-free recipes for things that can be made in large quantities, frozen in single servings, and then nuked or otherwise heated for lunch or dinner? (Recipes calling for equipment like pressure cookers or food processors are fine; we either have it or can fake it.) What else do you think any sensible person should stock their freezer with?

I'm going to make so much ice cream! And freeze jars of smoothies! And soup and stew and stock! And dumplings! And possibly rejoin Costco, since we can justify the travel expense of a cab each way if we're getting enough stuff to fill the freezer! I will stock up on extra exclamation points and freeze them! Anyway yes, suggestions welcome.

Zucchini Bake ideas

Due to friends, colleagues and a recent trip to the farmer's market, I have a fairly substantial zucchini that I'd like to turn into a casserole or bake of some kind. But I'm kind of directionless. (I blame my insomnia.)

And after a week of eating Mesir Wot, I'm kind of in the mood for something lighter but still satisfying.

In addition to this zucchini, I have plenty of garlic, onions, orange and purple carrots, beets, potatoes, roma tomatoes (maybe 4), broccoli and a healthy bunch of greens.

Protein-wise, I have dried cannellini and romano beans. Also, possibly dried chickpeas. I also have some dried green split peas and lentils. I may have a random can of beans (likely cannellini and/or chickpea).

I have a decent stock of spices, seeds and dried herbs. I also have some fresh basil. And fresh dill that I froze.

For grains, I have couscous, rice (basmati, jasmine and long grain), possibly some quinoa and barley. And polenta.

Other odds and ends: I have nutritional yeast, regular bread crumbs and panko bread crumbs. Maybe some tofu.

And I have lots and lots of olives.

Because of this relentless bout of insomnia, I can't seem to find inspiration in my ingredients. And I really want to make something wonderful, delicious, nutritious and light.
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Yogurt and Sour Cream placements for Beets Soup

I've been missing the cold beet soup my mom used to make with buttermilk, yogurt, and sour cream. I've tried replicating it with almond milk and apple cider vinegar but while the taste is okay, the rich creamy texture I love and grew up on just isn't there.

I did some looking on google and I know there's soy sour cream and soy yogurt out there but soy breaks me out so I avoid it as best I can. And I read about cashew cheese and cashew sour cream but I mean, the recipe uses like...3 cups of buttermilk, 2 cups of yogurt, and 2 cups of reduced fat sour cream; I can't imagine how many calories that would be if I tried to replace that much yogurt and sour cream with cashew equivalents....

Is there still a way to get that thick creamy texture back in? I'm still pretty new to veganism so apologies if the answer is actually really obvious, I'm still learning about replacement foods and the like. I was wondering if blended up cauliflower would work?

Breakfast Pizza!

So I've recently gotten into a clean eating kick, doing my best to cut out most of the processed food I normally consume from time to time. Of course I had to have a little fun before I started my new diet and thus came this recipe for some tasty and fulfilling breakfast pizza.

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More pictures here:

Alternative flours

Hello everyone,

We recently found out that my son has a wheat allergy. Anyone have any advice/experience about different flours for baking and cooking? I tried to make pancakes this morning and each of the 3 batches was a failure. I made a flour comprised of brown rice flour, potato starch, and tapioca flour. The third batch I added some xanthan gum which helped tremendously with thickening up the batter. The flavors were just off. I'm feeling a bit lost and overwhelmed so any links or recipes would be greatly appreciated.

Toodle Salad aka Pesto-style Tomato-Noodle Salad

Hello Vegan crowd,

It's probably been over a year since I posted on here, but finally I've got a recipe to post that's easy and really worth trying. I came up with it by accident (sort of ;) ). So here it is:

Toodle (Tomato-Noodle) Salad

 3 1/2 - 4 cups uncooked pasta of your choice (I do like to use spaghetti in this one)
1/2 cup tomatoes, de-seeded and finely diced
2 tbsp balsamic vinegar
1 scant tbsp olive oil
1/2 tsp prepared mustard
1/2 tsp rosemary or thyme
1/2 tsp basil
salt and pepper to taste


  1. Cook pasta according to package directions.

  2. While pasta is cooking combine all other ingredients.

  3. Drain the pasta, making sure it is still rather warm. Add to the tomato vinaigrette. Mix well and let stand for a short moment to settle. Serve.

Enjoy. :) Ness

Vegan Flatbread Pizza Recipe

Last month I catered my sister in law's wedding. It was quite the challenge since they needed options all the way from Vegan to Steak and just wanted appetizers. Flatbread pizzas were the way to go! It was so fun coming up with different kinds of fancy pizzas. Here is my first installment of my Flatbread Pizzas - a Vegan Roasted Squash and Asparagus Flatbread Pizza. Even if you are a meat-eater, this is sure to satisfy your pizza cravings, while leaving the boring typical toppings behind.

 photo squash_asparagus_pizza_zps4669f511.jpg

For more check out my blog at: The Realistic Housewife Thanks!

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A Few Reviews!

Hi everyone! Long time, no see! I have no recipe today but rather a few reviews from various vegan eateries in Santa Barbara and San Francisco. I figured rather than filling up this page with all of them I'd post one here and link you guys to my blog post with all the rest. Hope everyone has been doing well and I'll be posting recipes again very soon!!

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For more reviews and notes on vegan places to eat in San Francisco as well as Santa Barbara check out my blog:

Slow-cooker recipes: Split Pea and Parsnip Soup, Chipotle Sweet Potato Chili

Here is a phenomenal slow-cooker soup that got me through the winter. This is a good soup for omnivores or new vegans. It tastes smoky and substantial without bacon or even the Liquid Smoke flavoring (which sounds awful but is actually relatively harmless; I just couldn't be bothered). In the slow cooker the split peas go to a range of textures. Some dissolve completely and others stay chewy like bacon bits.


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This recipe came from a book I got from a friend, Fresh from the Vegetarian Slow Cooker by Robin Robertson. Most of the recipes are vegan, as dairy products don't lend themselves well to slow-cooking. Here's another tasty recipe from the same book:


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super easy go-to morroccan-ish cabbage soup

here's a quick super tasty throw-together soup i made this past week. makes appx 6 servings.

small head of cabbage cut into relatively bite-sized pieces
5-6 carrots
small bag of frozen peas (8-10 oz or so?)
4 stalks of celery in bite sized pieces
1 can of chickpeas
28 oz petite diced tomatoes or crushed

throw it all in a pot, add water or stock to just cover (feel free to add a bit of broth powder if you like/have it in the house. i'm a fan of frontier's veg broth powder.)

and here's where my memory gets fuzzy. i know i added moroccan flavors, but i totally forget how much of each i added. so here's my guesses, feel free to adjust to your own preferences.

1-2 tsp black pepper
3-4 dashes of smoked paprika
a few dashes of cardamom
1/2 tsp? maybe more of ras al hanout (it's a moroccan mixture. very nice.)
1-2 tsp harissa (it comes in a squeezy tube.)
maybe 1/2 tsp salt? maybe less.
1/2 tsp onion powder
1-2 tbsp lemon juice

serve with toast. (i always serve soup with toast. it's so tasty. i love it.)

No-Cook Oatmeal

Just wanted to share an awesome recipe going around that is wonderful for folks who really don't have time to mess around with breakfast... Or want a ready-made snack... Or lunch or whatever. You will need:

~Rolled oats (not steel-cut or instant)
~Milk (I used rice, because that's what was open)
~Yogurt (I made cinnamon apple, so I just used unsweetened applesauce, but you could use any flavor yogurt; I've found the Almande brand to be cheapest with the least amount of sugar)
~Sweetener (I used agave nectar)
~Airtight container (Target sells tupperware variety packs in their Up brand for $2!!!)
~Any fruit, small grain (chia seeds, quinoa, etc.), nuts, herbs, or spices that strike your fancy

Put the dry ingredients in first, then the yogurt, then your liquid sweetener, then the milk. You want to put about a quarter as much yogurt as you put oatmeal, then pour milk to cover the oatmeal and just overlap the yogurt. Shake vigorously, and throw in the fridge. Your oatmeal will be all wonderful and delicious and waiting for you when you wake up. I've had mine around for a couple days. It's perfect for just a couple bites for a snack, or breakfast.

If you're using flavored yogurt, you could add ingredients that go along like:

Strawberry yogurt, mash a banana in there
Cherry yogurt, handful of crushed almonds
Blueberry, fresh grated nutmeg, mashed banana, and peanut powder (sounds weird, but it's so delicious)
Coconut, add fresh pineapple OR cocoa powder

I'm going to try a very small amount of something savory... We'll see how that turns out.