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the awesomest vegan recipe community evar!

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Vegan Recipes
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the ultimate vegan food comunity on LJ. 7,000+ members.

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Welcome to vegancooking.
Please read the Community Guidelines before posting.

there are 3 ways of searching through the past entries in this community. the memories, tags and the custom google search (we used to use LJ seek, but it seems that website is no-longer working. that's unfortunate, it used to work seamlessly)
if you have questions about recipes, vegan cooking techniques or products, please check there first before posting.

memories: We keep an archive of recipes and information from the begining of the community (august 24 2001) up until june 20, 2005 in our Recipe Index - There are plenty of entries about vegan cakes, cookies cheese, butter, egg replacers, sugars and other sweeteners etc. so please check the community's previous posts to see if any of that answers your questions before making a new post that might be considered monotonous by the rest of the community. (also do this for the tags or LJseek to access the more recent entries. our apologies that everything isn't in the same place. the community was just getting too active for keeping up with memories. not to mention LJ had changed the way moderators add entries to the memories to be much more difficult.)

tags: since the advent of tags (june 20, 2005, those have been instated in place of the memories. (they are much easier to handle, and the members of the community can help out with the categorizing, so please check out the tags tag for how-to's and stuff. and here is a link to all the tags that are available. http://community.livejournal.com/vegancooking/tag/
(a tip: while in the tag page, hold CTRL + F (or apple + F) to have a search box pop up. then type the category you are looking for. partial words work too. especially if you are unsure of the spelling. most of our tags use american spellings.)

and last but not least, LJseek: LJseek can access entries that have been posted since July 3, 2005. Everything that had been posted to the community before July 2005 is in the memories, so you should be able to access everything with these three options. however with LJseek, you ned to be specific. and spell stuff correctly (or incorrectly to catch the entries that had been posted with incorrect spelling) anyway, happy searching! use the google box above. at the moment, google blog search works better than the custom search though. we're working on it.

Now for some simple community guidelines to help things run smoother

  1. First and foremost, please check the memories and tags (and LJseek if you like the way it works) before posting a recipe request. Requests for recipes that are posted en masse, (e.g., choc chip cookies, plain chocolate cakes, hummus) may be deleted (and possibly you may get several "check the memories" comments). In addition, all tags are conveniently located on the right hand side of the main community page.

  2. Use a subject line when making a post, and please make it as relevant as possible. It makes it much easier to find a recipe later on, as when searching from month to month or just browsing the page for something specific. especially in the instance of the tags.

  3. Cross-posting to other vegan communities is not allowed. The membership of this community is huge. Many of the members of vegancooking are also members of veganism, veganpeople, cheapvegan or vegan_talk we honestly don't need to see your post a third (or fourth) time. If your question is more appropriate here, why not post it here? also, posting it in one (giant) community keeps all the comments in the one post, which is awesome. there are also reasons why someone might not be a member of vegancooking, electing to be in the general communities for the non-food related posts.
    (in the case of off-topic crossposting, your entry will be deleted upon discovery, and you will be placed back on entry moderation)
    The exception to the cross-posting rule is veganfoodpics, if you cross-post to veganfoodpics please place the photograph(s) of one of the posts beneath an lj-cut.

  4. Please don't post off-topic posts in this community. This is a community to trade vegan recipes, to ask about how to use different ingredients, and to ask about different vegan pre-packaged foods and appliances etc. because of the existense of more generalized vegan communities, and the immense traffic of vegancooking, if your post has nothing to do with food, don't be surprised if your post is deleted. If your topic is especially interesting, or has good info in the responses, we may simply ask you to edit your post with an lj-cut, but if it is not cut within 2 hours of the warning, it will then be deleted.
    along similar lines, please don't debate within comments. let's keep this community a peaceful place.

  5. If you are curious if a food item is vegan or not vegan, please post your question in isitveg or veganpeople (visit the profile page of vegpromo for other communities of interest)

  6. LJ-cut long recipes (or at least put an LJ-cut directly after the ingredient list):
    <lj-cut text="your text here">
    (In the case of posting multiple recipes in one post, if the name of the recipe is not in the subject line [and because what is written in the LJ cut does not show up in the post itself], please restate the recipe's name directly after the lj-cut so when people look at your recipe later-on, it doesn't look like the recipe has no name.)

  7. One picture is allowed outside the lj-cut. It should be no bigger than approximately 800x600 pixels.

  8. Cite the source when posting a published recipe, or copying and pasting from another website. Please do not link to a recipe without copying and pasting the full recipe in your entry (sometimes links change or disappear, and we would like to keep these posts as useful as possible.)

  9. Do not suggest the use of any animal ingredients in this community, this is vegancooking. You are welcome to post a non-vegan recipe with a request for help converting it to vegan, but please keep the mention of using animal ingredients out of this community. If you'd like to suggest someone use eggs/cow's milk/honey, we highly suggest you join vegrecipes. If you post a recipe using actual meat, poultry or fish, that comment will be removed upon discovery. it's all in the phrasing. (here is a link to some examples of phrasing)

  10. If you would like to thank people for their contributions, or need to make an additional request related to a post you recently made. Please edit the original post as opposed to posting a whole new entry. If you are posting the recipe or results of a post you made, that is fine, but "thanks so much for your help!" type posts are frowned upon.

  11. New members or members who cannot adhere to the community guidelines are placed on moderated submission. after 3 successful posts that adhere to these guidelines, you are eligible for free reign. if you know you posted more than 3 successful posts without having been declined first, and you are still on moderation, contact supercarrot for evaluation. (sometimes i lose track, and need to be poked)

thank you very much.
your friendly community maintainers.

If you have any questions or concerns, click here to make a post to vc_moderators, we can respond to your post there.


some wonderful vegan recipe sites are:

http://www.theppk.com/recipes/ isachandra's website
http://pakupaku.info kittee's website
http://www.earth.li/~kake/cookery/ nou's website
http://www.veganmania.com zaftigvegan/kreeli's website
http://www.carmelizedinblue.com/recipes/ carmelized's website
http://www.monkeyeatfood.blogspot.com/ monkey_eat_food (misfit's food blog)
http://veganlunchbox.blogspot.com/ veganlunchbox
http://frogfood.peace.net frog_food (surrealestate's food blog)


free historical vegan e-books:

also, if you don't mind doing a little research of your own, or trying out a recipe that may not be tried and true by the members of this community, you might consider using http://www.google.com to search for recipes. you'll get a faster response than waiting for folks to reply here. just type the recipe you're looking for in quotes, and add vegan and recipe. for example: "chocolate chip cookies" vegan recipe happy searching!

(will be updated with more websites soon... if you have any websites that you like, please send me a message, or reply here)

other useful vegan food sites are:
http://www.isitveggie.com/ (mainly for UK vegans)


personal journals and personal LJ communities devoted to recipes:

supercarrotcake, kreeli, veggiechef, cookingisfun, amphoterifood, gourmande, sarahdotcook, comestibles, norwegetarian, veg_recipes, yumintum and tummy_yummies

click here to visit all of the above personal recipe journals consolidated into one page
(friends lists only go back 2 weeks, so to access any post past 2 weeks, you must visit each individual journal directly)


recipe and food related LJ communities:

vegan_cookoff, cheapvegan, easyvegan, veggieslackers (for quick and easy recipes), vegantestkitchn, veganrecipes, vegrecipes, vegetariancooks, veggie_cooking, veggievictuals, veggie_recipes, nuttyvegan, nomeatrecipes, food_anarchy
vegan_candy, vegan_treats
rawfoods, monorawveganism, uncooked, raw_veganism
vegrecipephotos, veganfoodpics, veg_food_porn
ethnicvege, jewishvegan
veggie_grocery, dailyvegan, vegan_foodlist, vegan_foodblog, veggie_blog
and visit vegreview for product reviews.

the following are not completely vegan, but they have mostly vegan members, and have a very vegan slant:
tofurecipes & souprecipes

click here to visit all of the above recipe communities consolidated into one page

there is a giant list of veg commmunities compiled into a big list on the profile page of vegpromo in case you're looking for more than just food.
in addition, vegantravel for location-specific communities.

RSS feeds:

101cookbooks, almostvegan, asianvegan, bunnyfoot, fatfreevegan, fromthepantry, fruitfulvegan, greencutboard, hypocriticlvegn, koshervegan, lakitchen, letsgetsconed, mahanandi, monkey_eat_food, shmooedfood, simplevegrecipe, speedvegan, thepenguinchef, vegan_food, vegan_licious, vegan_review, vegancookingsch, veganlunchbox, vegantummies, vegblog_recipes, veggieway, vivelevegan, vivelevegan_rec, frog_food

click here to visit all of the above syndications consolidated into one page

and, finally, click here for the communities, personal journals and syndications combined

easy access to the memories of other veg*n recipe communities:
cheapvegan index -- veganpeople index -- vegrecipes index -- veggievictuals index -- vegreview index

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